Saturday, December 29, 2007

Benazir's murder: The end of Pakistan's stability

Benazir Haque was the last symbol of democracy in Pakistan. Although she was blessed by the 'West power-house', she was the only lady who can stand against unfair activities like 'moulana, mufti, fotoa' etc. The terrorists were displeased at her from the very beginning. They began to threaten her since the day she declared to return to her country. But she was so brave & well-determined to rescue her country from the black-sheep (slur of Pakistan) including Military backed government & Terrorists backed by Al-Quayeda.
When Al-Quayeda stood against nasty America many muslims supported them for moral reasons. But day by day this organization is showing their black-sheep signs. Their activities is becoming irritating, dangerous, self-destructing & above all NASTY.
With the murder of Benazir the last deem-light of democracy in Pakistan deemed away, don't know how long, but its a long time without any doubt. Let's look at the other alternative political leaders of Pakistan. Neoaj Sharif is associated with the Islami fundamentalists along with 'moulana, mufti, peer'. He is quite unable to make the people free from inhuman activities so far going on in Pakistan (often treated as the Acts to serve family prestige). Mosharraf Hossain is another vagabond, who can do anything for his power, whatever harmful it may be he doesn't care. In no way we can expect him to ensure democracy. Last one Imran Khan, often speaks the just, but he lacks of splendid knowledge, backup, dedicated people, perfect motivation.
Taking these things into consideration it can be concluded that the democracy in Pakistan faded away for a long time.

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