Sunday, April 3, 2016

Jessore rolls in swift change

Day by day Jessore is changing and that's too quick to guess. After 3 months, while return I was puzzled because I couldn't recognize some lanes. Everything is changing and so this town, but its rolling really fast.

Jessore is going to be ponds-free, almost every alley had a pond even 5 years ago. Now that's a forgotten past, hardly you can see a pond after long distance. My own area was gifted with 8-10 ponds including a big one that's so beautiful and of our fascination.
Big Jarul tree exposed in purple flowers in spring, we had to stop for a while to cross it, it was so charming, and other trees on all sides gave it queer shape. An old-fashioned kutir was beside the pond, marveled in evening at gloomy light. Various colors formed clouds enchanting over blue sky, most expected scenario above the big pond. That's all history now!

Most building were 1-staired or 2-staired, now they're being replaced by 5-6 stairs. If you visit  an alley after a year, you'll be in shock. The main area by zero-point is moving couple of times faster. All buildings are replaced by 8-9 stairs. And day by day Jessore is getting hasty, no room to breathe.
House rent too accelerated, raised by 50% by 5-6 years.

The town is full of markets, every year newer markets are being built. And most crazy part is they don't lack customers! Nobody can say how many markets are in Jessore presently.

Hospitals, clinics and diagnostic centers overwhelmed the town. More than 100 Hospitals and diagnostic centers operate now and all are full of patients! There's no room for vacancy.

Easy bikes changed vehicles story in the town. Vans are vanished from Jessore, which was one of leading vehicles even 2 years ago. Rates of rickshaw & easy-bikes flied several times in very short time.

A good part is roads of Jessore are getting better. Lots of construction works are going on. The cursed road between Dhormotola-Doratana is built really well, hope it would serve for minimum couple of years. Many others roads of the town are under-construction, passers-by will experience better roads.

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