Saturday, August 27, 2011

My home joyrney duration doubled due to road disaster

Generally, Dhaka to Jessore trip takes 5-6 hours. But this time it took only 10 hours!! Just double the usual turnaround time. But still I am happy to complete the journey beyond its turnaround time.

You may ask why? Why its not bothering me while the journey should take half the time??

Let me explain the situation. The bus runs quickly, usually 60-80 Kph. But it was forced to run at 20-30 kph. You may wonder why? The answer is simple. The condition of roads were so terrific that I thanked God for not experiencing an accident. There were thousands of big holes in a few meters, repeatedly over and over. In some places the holes turn into big ditches and some places round ponds. You may swim the ponds. The roads condition was so bad that I did not expect to reach my home before 12-15 hours. But finally I reached before 10 hours.
That is really great.

Thanks to our Roads and Highway Department.

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