Monday, August 8, 2011

Facebook chat is irritating : Did you experience?

I hardly chat with anybody online. Its not because the interface doesn't please me, I don't chat just because I don't like to. The poor interacting consistency and irritating false statements make me sick. That's why I can count down how many times I sat for chat online.

But this time was very different. I had to sit for chat for my job as well as ongoing projects. So, I heavily used yahoo and google chat. But both two interfaces troubled me a lot. Yahoo forces me to download their high volume software that takes me an hour to download. On the otherhand, Google forces me to chat through only their browser, Chrome. And to download chrome it needs an hour.......

So, I didn't have much choice than to using facebook chat. For the first time, I initiated to use FB chat. And things really turned well, I didn't have to do much trouble, once I login into facebook then begin to chat with my job-mates. Things were so crystal clear until I found some serious things. Facebook chat is quite unable to relay all of your sentences simultaneously. It shows that it already transferred your statements successfully, at least the window shows up. But most frustratingly it fails to transmit your statements to other end. Your chat partner doesn't receive all of your messages, rather he/she may receive only a fraction of your messages.
This stupid interface really troubled me a lot. Then I decided to stop this dilemma and go for Skype.

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