Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Touchy marks from July to September

The duration is quite long for me as I was aloof from blogging by this time. But water didn't stop flowing through Padma & occurrences didn't vapor out. I nearly forgot most things except few that I must recall.

Gaza genocide:
Modern arms-blessed Israel backed by the BACKER severely digged a genocide throughout Gaza, a poor area chosen by God to shed blood. I won't say much words here, details will be found here.

Bangladesh achieved wide area in the Bay of Bengal:
Bd was troubled about its sea-scopes due to strong protest from India & Myanmar, totaled disputed (25,602, In + 19,467, My) 45,069  square kilometers in the Bay of Bengal.
The huge ocean zone was out of our reach for decades. Finally we got it after long trials.

Fake 'formalin-MANGO' news killed the appetite of the summer season:
Most of the people avoided & some didn't taste mango, our most delicious local fruit due to formalin-fright. The scenario was really strange, all newspapers covered such braking news that we, the civil people had to stop taking mangoes. Satkhira, the Jamat zone supplied early mangoes wrapped with formalin to Dhaka and a leading newspaper published news about formalin; rest media jumped into it. The shocking part was yet to come.
    The government launched testing operation against formalin with unrealistic & useless tools that concluded in the existence of formalin in mangoes. They destroyed thousands of tons of mangoes out of useless test-reports. But due to massive protest from businessmen, lab tests were done & it was found that there's no trace of formalin in mangoes from Rajshahi zone. The farmers & businessmen of Rajshahi-ChapaiNawabganj area cultivate mangoes with severe care as it’s their main earning source. I never heard any sound of formalin in my 33 years life-cycle. But suddenly all mangoes became wrapped with formalin! That's the JOKE of the season!!!

The driest summer of the decade:
After my birth, I had never seen such dried summer. The heat was enough to fry eggs, scorching sun turned head to faint-stage, no tree-leaves moved, air circulation stopped & rain forgot to appear. Dhaka watched highest temperature in last 50 years while Jessore & Rajshahi zone experienced real disaster due to killing heat upto 45 degree Celsius.
    The heat was so severe that people feared to leave house, nobody dared to walk on road under sun. All sorts of crops were damaged for draughts.

River transport during Holy Eid:
Our holy eid-ul-fitre positioned in rainy season. Our big rivers become li'l oceans in rainy seasons, thus transport vehicles like lunch, ferry, boats, speed-boats become vulnerable. Every year lunch mishaps cause huge deaths & damages, especially in rainy seasons. Most people travel during eid festivals, so river transports became very dangerous this year. However the government took sufficient steps to manage the trafficking to reduce lunch mishaps close to zero, especially I highly appreciate helicopter patrols to ensure that the lunches are not overloaded.
    But Pinak-6 pours water in govt's achievements. The lunch sank in Padma killing about 70 people & many drawn into water. The worst part was the inability to fetch the lunch above water, our poor technology failed schemelessly.
    This accident showed our technical perils. Rescue ships like Hamja-Rustom took 2 days to pass only 70 miles to reach the spot. Ufffff, what a speed! Navy claimed their latest technology rich ships like Jorip-10 also doomed into acid tests.
    The most important part, we don't have any tools (like tiny submarine or search metals) that can work under water. Ours is a riverine country and we don't have such tools! Probably this is the biggest joke.

Less flood devoured wide river banks:
This year, rain came in late after causing severe droughts. The unusual environment caused ample panic to our land. But the course of rain was so steady little that we didn't except any flood this year. But after ending the rainy season, in Autumn India-Pakistan flooded and so we had it! Late flood remained for few days but it devoured huge land on river side. Thousands of acre land broke into the river. Lakhs of people lost their houses, had to accept floating lives in cities. But the relief works are too poor, almost there's no relief for the poor, homeless people.

Nancy panic:
Nancy panicked again, devoured multiple sleep-pills out of peril that led her to coma. Her neighbors carried her to MGC, later brought to DMC. Newspapers took it a case of suicide issue, but it was mistake. However, she recovered in a week.

Obsessed fate of my poetry:
On last Friday, I wrote a poetry on a topic crossed my mind at that moment. But it was so poor that everybody rejected to hear. After writing, I offered my mother to give me a minute to recite it but she was busy with cooking & rejected me immediately; then I approached my father who refused to hear & asked me to work instead writing poem.
    I was terribly obsessed, vowed to make somebody hear; so called 'vabi' & recited the '1-page poetry' that actually took about 1.5 minutes. In very terrifying stage (can't cope with my poem but had to hear those words!) vabi said somewhat good, but I knew how disgusting she felt at that moment!

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