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GG14- Some factors made Arab countries mum about genocide

Arab countries are silent about Israel's miraculous brutality for a century. They never ever dare to break this dilemma although their neighborhood country is always burning. Most important thing is, the third world countries & distant Muslim countries always protest those inhuman activities. If they can do it then why Arabs set their pants wet?

When I was a child, I read some brutal news on newspapers. The news was about Israeli brutal tortures against the civil people of Palestine. I heard several processions passing my house in the next morning for the sake of the suffering mankind. I was a fan of Yasir Arafat and PLO, so went out on road. Then I noticed that my entire country burst into protest. Besides, our neighborhood non-Muslim countries like India, Nepal, and Srilanka too joined the protest. East Asian Muslim countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, and Pakistan made strong appeal against Israel. But amazingly, I found that Arab countries were all silent at middle front; they didn't sound a single word.
The Arab league that's designed for Arab's betterment, shamelessly failed to even discuss the issue, let alone bringing a resolution.
The same fate is still continuing, I didn't find any change. But why this Arabian betrayal?
Some factors play the role for their mumbling:

1. Oil:
All Arab countries' economy depends on oil export. If they can't export oil, then their economy would break down. They fear that if they protest then the western front may reduce oil importing from their countries. This fright made them dumb.
    Western front damaged Iran's economy at the first time while they banned oil importing from Iran. By that time, the people of Iran suffered seriously; they lost jobs, many went poor. But it was a temporary effect for them, soon they bounced back by their versatile efforts.
    To my eyes, Arabs are the pawns of the Western front. But they could use oil as their weapon. If all Arabian countries would reduce exporting oil to the Western alliance, then they would fall in sever disaster because their living, transport & economy entirely depend on oil.

2. US banks:
US banks play major roles in middle east. USA restricts any sort of bank transactions whether purchase or sale to use US banks only. That means if they purchase oil from Arabs then they must pay through US banks and the Arabs must have accounts in those US banks. Thus they can control Arab's movement. And bloody Arabs began to store their money in US banks, their trusted partner!
If USA thinks to punish any side then it simply fridges his US bank account. The victim side loses its entire earnings forever, there's no chance of getting it back.
    The United States President Carter issued Executive Order 12170 in November 1979 freezing about $12 billion in Iranian assets, including bank deposits, gold and other properties. Some assets — Iranian officials say $10 billion, U.S. officials say much less — still remain frozen pending resolution of legal claims.  
    If the Arabs begin to use neutral banks like Swiss banks or Singapore then they may overcome their tragedy.

3. Arms:
Arabs like to spread their weapon collections to rule over each other. So, they import arms from the Western front; USA supplies most of the demands, EU does the rest. Even Israel exports arms to the Arabs! Thus, Western front controls entire arms market of Arabs.
    This poor strategy made Arabs the slaves of the western alliance. If the Arabs switch their arms sources to Russia & China, then they can recover their lost strength. But its close to impossible, because Arabs hate communism, so, they can't work with Russia or China. That's why Arabs will remain slave to the western alliance forever.
    Besides, Arabs are misusing their money to purchase arms. Because they don't need those advanced arms as they're not participating in any war. To balance Shea-Sunni clash, political & intelligent steps are enough.

4. Economy:
The economy of the Arab countries depends on mainly oil. Tycoons invest in US & EU markets & make big profits; it helps their economy to grow. Day by day Arabs are using share markets, Airlines, Goods market for making large profit. A good amount of Arabs live in western countries; they dwell, do jobs, earn & send money to their families. These inter communications between Arabs & western alliance made Arab’s economy stronger. Traveling is another key to Arab’s economy, to be explored next.
    If the Arabs act against the western alliance, then they'll watch their economy doom in few days. Most importantly they can't choose alternative countries for their invest & job market. That's why, western alliance will continue to rule the Arabs.

5. Travel:
Travel plays major role in Arab's economy. Several Arab countries entirely depend on travel for their economic growth like Egypt, Turkey, and UAE. And most rich travelers are from the western alliance. Moreover, western businessmen invest big amounts in these Arab countries for developing infrastructures. That's why, Arabs' can't stand against the western front whatever happens to the Muslim world.
     More than 12.8 million tourists visited Egypt in 2008, providing revenues of nearly $11 billion. The sector employs about 12% of Egypt's workforce. But when 2011 uprisings took place, the national industry of tourism declined. Visitor numbers decreased by 37% in 2011 totaling 9 million visitors, while it was over 14 million in 2010.
The U.S. Department of State warns U.S. citizens to defer travel to Egypt and U.S. citizens living in Egypt to depart. EU and other western countries followed the policy. Egypt's economy slashed down due to tourism disaster.

6. Power zone:
Potent Arab countries love to dominate weak Arab lands using their power. Saudi Arab leads the middle east, but rise of Iran shot their belun. Besides, Shea-Sunni clash play vital role in creating power zone.
    Western alliance uses this power-lust of Arabs carefully. Till now, they successfully made circles of Arabs against each other.
    Saudi Arab allowed Israel to use its sky to attack other Arab lands. Saudi Arab, Kuet, Qatar allowed their lands for usage against Iraq.

7. Dubai:
Dubai is raised with the blessings of the Western alliance. In very short duration, Dubai became the center point of all sorts of travel, festivals, meetings, jobs & enjoyment. US companies are investing big amounts & gain bigger profit from Dubai. Few examples are as follows:
- More than 1000 US firms have a presence in Dubai, from Bechtel and ExxonMobil to Starbucks and Cold Stone Creamery.
- In December 2010, The Mubadala Development Company made an additional investment of $500 million in The Carlyle Group general partnership. The Carlyle Group first sold Mubadala a 7.5% stake in its general partnership in September 2006.
- The UAE is the largest operator of Boeing’s 777 aircraft. In November 2011, Emirates Airlines placed a $24 billion record-breaking order for 50 Boeing 777-300ERs.
- The Mubadala Development Company and General Electric have multiple cooperative projects, including an $8 billion joint venture in high technology.

One of America’s biggest investment banks, Bank of America (BofA) Merrill Lynch asked Americans to look for high-performing jobs in Dubai. They said "950,000 new jobs in Dubai is feasible that Dubai’s population could more than double over the next ten years".

There won't be any Dubai if US & EU begin withdraw their projects and restrict Dubai investments in their corresponding regions. That's why, UAE will never criticise Israel!

For the above reasons, Arabs are the pawns of the western alliance and they can't protest any inhuman acts of Israel.

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