Saturday, September 27, 2014

GG14- The golden frog made Hollywood celebrities mum

Our favorite celebrities always stand on the front line for any cause or events, mostly for good reasons. They love to grab attention of media doing charity works, run campaigns, speak against odds and fight evil things. They always tend to grab so called the golden frog.
    But this time all celebrities except rear few mysteriously remained quiet that put some question marks to us. Allow me to decode few things...

Jewish vengeance:
a) Mel Gibson's bad luck:
Mel Gibson is the mighty actor of hollywood since last 30 years. He won Oscar, Caan, gramy awards for acting. Besides, he's a powerful producer & director. His directed films grabbed golden deer in box office as well as critics (i.e. Passion of Christ, Brave heart). Mel's films series 'Lethal Weapon' rocked HBO TV channel for a decade. He was the best actor for repeatedly 10 years in a magazine's people choice category. Moreover, he's extreme rich & owns 2 islands alone.
    Mel Gibson was drunk once, while police caught him, out of rage he said 'Jews are responsible for world-wide wars'. Just this speech fired the jews community, their brotherhood jumped on him with their claws & jaws. They made sure that Mel doesn't get any chance in his day to day life or occupation. Being passionate due to jewish attacks, Mel Gibson was compelled to beg to the jews fraternity for his drunk-time speech.

b) Megan Fox's career was annihilated:
During her shooting of Transformer-3, Megan Fox was irritated for some reasons & out of rage said the director 'Hitler'. The term is too silly to take action. It was her teenage & she was at the peak of media attention, thus, this tiny matter can't be an issue. But it was a big issue to the jew producer Steven Spielberg who immediately dropped her from the film.
    Later Megan's career was about to terminate. She didn't get anymore role in any film, lost her image from media, festivals & promotional campaigns. By that time her beauty & grace made her present in all sort of media everyday. But after her drop, she was wiped out from media (some journalists claimed that the jews fraternity took care of it, [unconfirmed source]).
    However, Megan realized her faults & the power of jewish brotherhood. So, she pardoned to the director and finally got a role in a film after about 3 years.

Hollywood is dominated by the jews:
The above 2 real life examples prove the influence of the jews fraternity in hollywood. Most producers, directors, studios & media are dominated by the jewish fraternity. They're more powerful than ever before. Some critics said that its impossible for one to stay in hollywood if he/she comments against Israel.

Celebrities feared to loose the golden frog:
Celebrities love to enjoy the golden frog, media's attentions & opportunities. Most media are possessed by jewish brotherhood. So, the celebrities didn't want to mark themselves against them and loose their golden frog. When Israeli forces brutally murdered babies, committed genocide, doomed entire Gaza city, still they shut their mouths.
    I wondered why the top-leading celebrities who always speak against violence are silent. But when I noticed these scenarios, curtain of darkness fled before my eyes.
    Remember the quotation from Bishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa, who was awarded the 1984 Nobel Peace Prize, has candidly identified the reason: "The Israeli government is placed on a pedestal [in the US], and to criticize it is to be immediately dubbed anti-Semitic," he said. "People are scared in this country, to say wrong is wrong because the Jewish lobby is powerful -- very powerful."

Penelope & Havier couple talked!
I like sexy Penelope cruz for her beauty, unique movements & sweetness. She & her husband, Havier Bardem spoke against the brutal torture of Israel. It fired the jewish fraternity, they jumped on them. After they published their letter, most hollywood production houses rejected to work with them, and a producer said 'he won't work with none of them in rest of his life'. Actor John Voyet felt too ashamed for the couple's speech!Details-
    I believed that the western countries are much developed & can judge things. But they way they treated with this couple kicked my concept! Actually they're worse than the 3rd world countries.

Some too protested...:
Taylor Swift said her words against the Israeli brutality that put her into rage of the jews. Jew fans began to attack her in social media. She was so afraid that she removed her tweet quickly.
    Madonna did her job as always! She too protested the inhuman genocide.
    I can't remember the name, a female celebrity wrote against the brutal treatment in her fanpage. And a jew commented on her status suing her death sentence. She removed her status & began to live carefully.

Steven Spielberg has 2 faces:
Spielberg showed some peculiar activities instead his unique capabilities of creating extra-ordinary films. He made his position in the history forever.
    But few things made him stand before question marks. After reviewing those marks I asked myself if he's double faced.
    Spielberg dropped Megan fox for nothing (so called 'Hitler' issue). Her career was about to terminate after that incidence.
    Spielberg made a winning film, based on 2nd world war named, Schindler's list. He did great, showed how a German businessman saved hundreds of jews from Nazi murderers. But he didn't make anything against Israel that brutally murdered about 50,000 Palestinians, this time over 2,100 deaths in Gaza genocide.
    During Beijing Olympic, Spielberg claimed that he rejected China's offer to protest its lineage with Sudan, as Boshir did inhuman treatment against the opponents. But China rejected his claim saying that they never approached him!

But most unfortunately, he remained damn quiet about Israel's aggression in 2014. While Israel murdered over 2,000 people, injured over 23,000 people, demolished Gaza city, and broke all sorts of international laws, he should have raised his voice.
    These things confirm that Spielberg has 2 faces and his voice is biased.

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