Wednesday, September 24, 2014

GG14- Dumb Ass force led by Israel faltered efficiency level

Israeli force acted as a Dumb-Ass force in this war. Their fighter planes bombed & dropped missiles in Gaza targets, causing huge destructions; and ground attacks coded with tanks that destroyed entire Gaza city. Thousands of people died, almost a hundred Palestinians died everyday.

Dumb-Ass force projected against humanity:
Israeli Dumb-Ass force sued serious crime against humanity. They just didn't stop there, leveraged their cruelty level to genocide.
They didn't keep any building alive, most buildings & constructions were destroyed. Entire Gaza city doomed in deaths, blood & clustered bricks.
The dumb-brute soldiers killed over 2,000 people (500+ babies), injured over 23,000 civil people & terrified millions of people. The savages didn't take pity on the last words of crying & injured people & children.
They made million people homeless for nothing.
Breaking law of war, they destroyed UNO raised schools where thousands of people took shelter causing several hundreds of deaths.

Such crimes are against humanity and act of genocide. These dumb didn't follow any war-code, rather massacred the law of humanity.

Mass civil murders vs. zero Hamas:
The Dumb-Ass force led by Israel murdered over 2,200 people but couldn't harm Hamas. Among those 2,200 Palestinians, only 50 people were linked to  Hamas, the rest were civil citizens of Gaza. The war was called against Hamas, but Israeli force killed civil people instead Hamas militants.

If you calculate, then you'd find that Israel's efficiency level is only 2.27%. The Dumb-Ass force killed 100 civil people to touch only 2 Hamas militants. What a level of efficiency!

More than 23,000 people of Gaza were injured during the battle. But merely very few Hamas militants were injured among them. If I calculate the efficiency level, then I'd find that the Dumb-Ass force was less than 1% efficient in injuring Hamas.

0% focus strength of the Dumb-Ass force:
Israel focused on Hamas targets, their camps & underground tunnels. But after the war, while we looked at the outcome, we found laughable result from Israel's side. They failed to focus their target approximately (let alone efficiently) and destroyed entire Gaza city. To target 1 Hamas target, they demolished 50 buildings.

That's a building, not a tunnel, buddy:
Israel annihilated most of the buildings of the city. They said that they targeted tunnels. But if you have working eyes and take a look at the annihilation points then you'd find that the destructions were of residences of the civil citizens. There's no trace of Hamas tunnels. Even a barking bitch can realize this fact.

The Dumb-Ass force demolished dense area and reasoned that they got tunnels! But actually there were no tunnels, all were people's residence. Such attacks in dense areas caused thousands of deaths & injuries to the civil people.

Again, I've the ask the efficiency level of the Dumb-Ass force. And I must say that they buildings they annihilated were not tunnels.

Dumb-Ass force terrified Gaza:
Israel's plan was to create terror the citizens of Gaza, not to demolish tunnels. If they had any real motive to diminish the under-ground tunnels, then their attack must be limited to focused area. But it was not limited.
More than 500 babies were murdered for nothing (proof of the efficiency level of the Dumb-Ass force). Now the children of Gaza fear to play in ground, to leave house, even to dwell in refugee camps. The babies can't sleep, cry out in sleep after bad dreams.
The Dumb-Ass force attacked every possible area of the city destroying the landscape. They killed mass people, injured uncounted people & annihilated million people from their houses. This is the real terror, not a protection.
Thus, Dumb-Ass force terrified Gaza.

The western front stood by the side of the Dumb-Ass force:
After all these inhuman activities, Western front still thinks that Israel's Dumb-Ass force did the right things. The BACKER continued to back, European Union didn't hop in for aid in Gaza, international organizations failed to stand for the victims, human wrights organization forgot the definition of humanity (never scolded Israel for the genocide). And finally UNO played its puppet role approved by the BACKER.

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