Tuesday, September 23, 2014

GG14- Hamas committed sin

Hamas, a vegabond militant group that was created due to severe Israeli aggressions started a disgusting battle. Its nonsense activities destroyed Gaza's landscape, brought this city to a death-alley.

Hamas killed 3 innocent Israeli young people:
Hamas captured 3 innocent Israelis who were innocent & not linked to any hostile activities, and later brutally killed them. This news flashed out in short time that kicked warrior Israel (who are born to war) to start another battle.
    We're humans & simply can't second such animal type activities to slay people for nothing. Hamas did and usually they do so. Their chutia acts brought a serious disaster to the people of Gaza.

Hamas started the war:
Hamas pitched the opponents with brutal murders. Israel began an immediate attack on Gaza that ultimately led to the longest war in last 30 years.

Hamas fled during Israeli air attack:
While Israeli air attack started, Hamas fighters (who hide their faces in fear) fled into tunnels & secured themselves against bombs. Aggressive Israeli fighter planes poured uncounted number of bombs & missiles onto Gaza that trashed the city in a month.
    Over 2,000 Palestinians died in this war, over millions of people became homeless. But shameless Hamas hid their guts into soil stools. They could not bring down a single air-plane, nor could take a single step to reverse attack the air-strikes.
    Hamas can do just one job - to kill and hide & flee into hidden grounds.

Their Rockets found no target! (just flied & rotten in air):
After the war begins, Hamas began to shoot their rockets towards Israel. Some sources said that they got about 10,000 rockets pack to release. And they did their best; continuously shot rockets towards Israel that never saw any goal, didn't loose time to release stool to do their duty, didn't drink or eat except shooting, didn't sleep but dreamt of winning the battle in bright day-light.
    The 3,000 rockets shots by Hamas never reached any target except few 3-4. 99.9% rockets were destroyed in the air by Israeli missile defense systems. I believe that billions of dollars were wasted to buy those rockets from Hamas side that resulted into stools! Instead doing these assol acts, if they have used this money for Gaza's improvement then people would live in peace & prosperity. What a waste of money!

Hamas fled like rats against Israeli tanks:
After a week, Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netaniahu (man or animal, I'm confused) ordered for ground-attack. Thousands of tanks were used to destroy Gaza's constructions, about 100k soldiers did their best to destroy buildings & kill innocent people. They didn't measure any area, any race, any restrictions, didn't care for schools or hospitals.
    And when this aggression took place what our famous chutia Hamas did? Their fighters hid their faces into masks, took arms, ran into houses & tunnels. They ate & left stool on the same tunnels they lived. They never faught against Israeli soldiers, couldn't destroy any single tank, couldn't stop any military battelion. They just did one thing - ate, slept, dreamt & left urines & stools in the tunnels.
    The question is why they initiated the war while they don't have the ability to fight, even to stand. I don't know the answer and believe that no muslim knows it except politicians.

Hamas got 1 Israeli prisoner!
The mighty Hamas enprisoned 1 israeli soldier after 1 month's war! Finally they achieved their goals after millions of people's sacrifice.
    But what they got?
    Yea, they enprisoned 1 Israeli soldier! What an achievement! Who the hell on this earth can grab & nab an Israeli soldier?
    That's why they joyed, laughed, danced, shot bullets in joy and ralleyed on roads for their victory. But after 2,000 deaths, about 30,000 injured people & about half million people loosing homes this 1 prisoner became the winning-mark! What can be of more jokes???

(Reality) My thoughts about Hamas:
Did you hear the story of a frog? That's it -
Once a frog saw a cow & asked its father why it is so big. The father frog consoled the child frog saying that he's that big. So, he began to inhale his belly that seemed big; but the child wasn't happy that claimed its not enough for the cow. So, the big frog swalloed his belly further and further and further. But after certain tries, when it's belly could no longer adjust, just sxploded out killing the father frog.
    This is Hamas. This is their ability. They think that they can kill Israelis, even can destroy Israel nation; but when attacked they flee away and leave urines & stools into the tunnels like rats.

Another point of view for Hamas:
If Hamas started the war for a reason like the bottom, then I'd agree that they had a good reason to fight:
- Israel continued to block all communication ways and made Gaza discrete. Thus people of Gaza couldn't look for jobs passing Israeli border.

- There's no port or airport in Gaza due to Israeli protest. The people of Gaza are facing serious difficulties for communication & income sources. Especially a port is extreme necessary and fishers need extended sea area.

- Hamas lost its existence due to its stupid jobs like participating in war against Syria government. Thus they lost their alliance with Syria, Iran, Egypt & other friendly countries. So, they needed to prove their existence. But such proof is really disgusting.

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