Wednesday, September 24, 2014

GG14- Israel revenged in Nazi style

Israel passed the line of animalty:
After the push of Hamas, Israel began to revenge the assault and started war in full swing. First they sent updated fighter planes to bomb & drop missiles in Gaza targets, causing huge destruction. Thousands of people died, almost a hundred Palestinians died everyday. Later they approved ground attacks coded with tanks that destroyed entire Gaza city.

Israel launched merciless air strikes:
Within 24 hours from the Hamas push, Israel began air strikes. They sent hundreds of latest fighter planes to drop bombs & missiles onto the targets of Gaza. At first, their targets were Hamas locations, warrior personnel’s homes & possible militant area. But soon they spread their reach and began to attack civil people's homes to terrify them. Thousands of people died, almost a hundred Palestinians died everyday.

But Israel didn't stop there, leveraged their actions further. Israeli planes bombed over schools, colleges and even hospitals. When they thought they need to spread more terror, they began to attack United Nation's conducted schools where thousands of civil people took shelter.
    Mighty Israel didn't care for any international law or humanity. They did in their own style as they did several times and they dared to do so because they always know that they have none but one BACKER.

Israel began ground strikes:
When air-strikes massacred half of Gaza city, Israel planned to cause more sufferings to the Palestinians. So, they sent armed forces aided with modern weapons & latest technology & latest tanks for ground strikes. More than 100,000 armed soldiers joined the war; they severely damaged the most of Gaza.
    These young soldiers are raised with hatred & brutal instincts towards Palestinians since their birth. Israel provided them their unique chances to translate their brutal hatred into real life. Thus, these soldiers didn't hesitate to murder civil people in cool brain, they didn't care for child or women or old buddies.
    Israeli army destroyed the entire Gaza city, collapsed most of the buildings & constructions, broke down the city landscape into ashes. They massacred most houses, schools, colleges, universities and even hospitals. But such brutal acts didn't please them enough. So, the angry animals attacked UNO conducted schools & hospitals breaking any sort of international law. They made injurious crime against humanity.
    Israel sent their best army to murder & injure Palestinians of all ages regardless of any fury. The dumb-brute soldiers killed over 2,000 people (500+ babies), injured over 23,000 civil people & terrified millions of people. The savages didn't take pity on the last words of crying & injured people & children.
    Most importantly Israel failed to damage Hamas, rather they murdered civil people. They highly failed to track down Hamas militants, teared apart entire Gaza city except Hamas camps. Besides, they made crime against humanity; they attacked most dense apartment where civil people lived, not Hamas militants.

Israel digged the tunnels of Hamas!
Israel named the war 'operation protective edge' with a motive to destroy all tunnels of Hamas. But did they make it? In naked eyes, NO. Israeli armed forces massacred entire Gaza city but they failed to destroy most tunnels. Instead they massacred buildings, schools & hospitals.
    Are all tunnels digged by Hamas destroyed by Israel? NO. Most tunnels are intact yet regardless of the brutal attacks. And to target tunnels, they destroyed constructions that's out of their goal!
    Several news sources confirmed that Israel massacred buildings & houses in very dense area where huge people lived. Did Israel (especially Netaniahu) lose their eyes to compare the differences between buildings & tunnels. That's a building buddy where people dwell, not a tunnel.
    Even if I accept the argument of Netaniahu that all tunnels are collapsed, then I can't get the answer of the next question. War is over, Hamas is back to its position. Can Israel guarantee that Hamas won't create another tunnel in next few days. What if they dig 100 more tunnels in next 5 years? Does it mean that Israel will attack again after 5 years?? Is it Israeli common sense???

A terrorist nation broke truce for nothing:
Israel acted as a terrorist nation. They broke the truce of 3-days non-violence for nothing, reasoned   of a kidnap of 1 soldier. But later it was discovered that the soldier died in battle field, Israeli PM Netaniahu himself claimed the fact. But for the sake of this kidnap, Israeli forces broke the truce immediately after the peace-talk and attacked on Gaza more seriously. They massacred a UNO school where thousands of Palestinians took shelter killing hundreds.
    Who can begin to massacre based on a fake news? And who can kill hundreds of men & destroy UNO school? Definitely a terrorist group. So, Israel acted as a terrorist nation. They acted nonsense and broke all sorts of international laws for war. Only terrorists can do so.

Israel spread lies all over the world:
To shed their murders, Israel spread lies all over the world. They possess most of the media in potential countries, thus manipulated news in their favor throwing lie & fake news. They ran fake campaigns throughout Israel and hid their brutal activities to the general citizens of Israel.

Netaniahu vs. Hitler:
PM Netaniahu followed Hitler in all possible ways. - He started the war for nothing as Hitler did in 1939.
- Netaniahu ordered his armed forces to cause maximum havoc towards Gaza & they obeyed his order in brutal ways, destroyed entire line of Gaza. Hitler ordered his army to destroy the cities & they carried out his order in the same brutal manner during 2nd world war.
- Netaniahu's force killed over 500 babies. But Hitler didn't allow any baby-killing in any concentration camp. In this case, the BACKER's savage Netaniahu exceded Hitler.

I called Netaniahu a Hitler! Oops!! If Spilberg heard it, he won't take one in his film!!! (Steven dropped Megan Fox just for saying the term 'Hitler') So pathetic!!!!

Israel committed genocide in Gaza:
Yea, you heard me right! A genocide. Israeli armed forces brutally murdered over 2,000 Palestinians and injured another 23,000 people in cool head. They attacked most dense area of Gaza where huge number of people resided. After the attack, the entire area became tombstone.
    Some proofs of the genocide...

Israeli sins that's outnumbered:
- For just 3 deaths, Israel brutally murdered over 2,000 Palestinians and injured another 23,000 people in cool head.
- They brutally killed over 500 babies. Even their God of Israel would shade his face in shame to see that!
- They broke truce for nothing, reasoned a so called fake kidnap that ended into nothing.
- They massacred several UNO schools, broke law of war according to Geneva Convention.
- Israel destroyed entire Gaza city so massively that the landscape doomed, most buildings & construction were destroyed.

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