Monday, September 22, 2008

9 years Palestine's girl killed in brutal way

No comment can ever describe this photo...
This is a palestinian girl killed by Israel.
Hadeel AbdulKareem Elsemary.. 9 years old shot from an Israeli tank while she was playing in the street on 11th June.

Allah's precious property....that which He created..a precious pic speaks VOLUMES -more than words...what kinds of beasts are there on this earth. Where are human beings-are we left with demons in men/womans bodies

This photo should be made into postcards and circulated around the world-signed" this your child?? Yes it is your child-it is alll our and pleas for help, Palestine"
and--as new casts say at night in usa--"do you know where your children are at..." should be posted there too---shame on this world....

View detailed informations here:

There you will find great Israel with peace tank.

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