Saturday, April 5, 2014

What to do to make Bangladesh a balanced team?

After closely watching last few months activities of BD team, I came to conclusion that there's a mighty group in the team.

Captain's role:
Mushfiqur Rahim is a young team captain of BD team. He was appointed at younger age due to some critical reasons. We hoped that he could learn quick & become a good captain. But it seems that he failed to advance.

Mushfiq can't decide when to use a pacer and when a spinner.
In Asia cup BD made 317, Pakistan came close, in slog overs Afridi was beating spinners but he could not handle pace ball. Mushfiq used Sakib & Rajjak in last overs, everybody was beaten mercilessly. And the match dropped down. He should have used pacers at that moment. If he did, we could have won.
In T20 world cup against Pakistan he made same mistake in reverse order. Paki batsmen adapted to pacers & made boundaries, but they could not beat spinners. In last 4 overs, Mushfiq should have used spinners, not pacers.

Razzak is our best spinner, can swing any ball, old or new. But he was dropped in first 3 matches (super 10) of T20 world cup. How can a captain drop his best spinner for no reason?
He often mistakes to choose right player for the best 11, needs to gear  up.

His fielding positioning seems to be poor, can't conclude when to arrange attacking fielding & when to go defensive.

Tips - Follow MS Dhoni closely.
- Talk to your seniors like Akram Khan, Habibul Bashar. Ask them how to overcome it.

* Right now, we don't have any alternative to Mushfiq as captain. He must have to improvise, and all must have to help him. *

There's a group inside BD team.
2 persons are untouched, never dropped though their performance is more than horrible.
Mahmudulla Riad played all 7 matches of T20 and consistently playing for years. But he never made anything impressive. And he's never dropped. Moreover he's a vice captain!
Tamim Iqbal flopped in T20, can't do well for last 2 years, hardly he could make a big innings. As other groupies, he's never dropped.
For Tamim - He needs to focus, needs concentration. I'd suggest him to take a brake from team for 6 months, practice hard in home tournaments or County or 1st class cricket, and return when you can handle things. And talk to Atahar Ali & Sourav Ganguli, they can help you a lot.

* Some players get just 1 chance to survive, if can then play for some matches; and if fail then removed immediately. But some players consistently get chances over and over but never can prove themselves.*

Mashrafee jokes:
Mashrafee issue needs to be reviewed. BD team must decide either to keep him or drop him, but this injury joke must be stopped.
i] Mushfiq announced Mashrafee can't play against West Indies as his lungs is full of water. I guessed he's in hospital as lungs-water is a serious health trouble. But amazingly, Mashrafee played & scored 2nd highest run for the team.
ii] Mashrafee took 3 wickets in 5 matches (not good) & made 42 runs in 3 matches (2 match unbeaten). He's a all-rounder & still performs better than many players. He gave 63 runs in last match & dropped out immediately.
iii] He's in the 'Ashraful state', means 'come & go format', called after intervals for 1-2 matches. And he's dropped immediately if he fails in a match.

He’s at his last few playing years. Its BCB who has to decide any of the 2 options
i] Let him play for more time as a senior player. So that he can set a milestone for new players.
Ii] Bid goodbye in a respected way. At least stop this injury jokes.

Only all-rounder:
Some people cried when Sakib lost his world ranking. Some said if Bangladesh played more tests then he must be #1.
Remember he plays for team, not total team plays for his ranking.

Fact - Only all-rounder can play good for 1 match, max 2 matches. If you need to win all matches then you must have 4-5 expert players.

Senior players are at exile:BCB always tend to cut off senior players.
i] Habibul Bashar was dropped before he retired. He could give lot more.
ii] Ashraful was dropped. If he played he could set a milestone to others.
iii] Mashrafee is about to drop.
iv] Razzak is about to drop.
v] Mohammad Rafiq's case is li'l different. He was not called for test matches at first stage though he's our only spin specialist. If he could play more years, could set a high milestone.

If senior players can play longer then they can
- Make records & set milestone for others. New players could follow them & do their best to brake records.
- Now players have no target. If milestones were set, they got some targets.

If milestones are to be set, you must use good players to play for long term.
BCB hires players at 20 and cuts at 30. Instead they should hire at 23 (praticed & consistent players) & cut at 33-35.

I have some questions to BCB, need answers.1) Why did Srilanka keep Dilshan in team though he can't perform for about 2 years?
2) What do you want? To win 1 match or to win all matches & take the cup?
3) Do you want journalists to write 'glory of 2008/2010 victory'? (Means once BD defeated a big team 2 years ago or 4 years ago). Or you want them to win regularly? (Means no glory for 1 match)
4) Why all big team's average age is 27+ while our's is 22 only?

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