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Sakib's outstanding stupid interview and few issues

I'm really sorry to write on this issue as I don't have anymore option to avoid treachery to my nation. I'm really sorry, because next 3 blog posts including this one will curve some people's satisfaction to a level of anger.

I had no intention to write anything on this T20 world cup cricket 2014, so avoided posting any words on my blog or twitter. I was in peace; but a stupid interview published on front page of a delicious daily newspaper forced me to write, I can't help reviewing.
I was your fan but I'm to do this...
Anyway, I have to defend 90% non-patriotic (!) people.

On 1st April, April fool's day, Prothom alo published an interview of our only all-rounder Sakib al hasan. By default I don't read such interviews, read only a fraction to get the summary.. So did I, engaged my eyes on just a few words to get an overview of the topic. But accidentally my eyes viewed some unpleasant words that compelled me to read the interview thoroughly.

Let me break down few sections of the GREAT interview:

1) Sakib claimed that we, people of Bangladesh expected too much from them. And they broke down due to our excessive expectation.

But did we? For me, NO, I didn't expect a single victory against any country in 2nd round. Because I noticed that Newzealand isn't in our group and Bangladesh team has the ability to beat only Newzealand in our home ground because they can't face left hand spin.
So, I didn't hope such stupid ideas like to beat ALL countries & clinch the trophy.

I believe that nobody did except Sakib himself & his family & his OILER circle.

What we expected from them, is to play well & make some honorable scores, so that defeats become prestigious. But no more than that.

If Sakib thinks that the whole nation is looking for this team to win world cup, then my humble request for him is to see a psychological doctor. He/she can solve his trouble.

But we all made a mistake.
We hoped that they can make 150. But their ability is to make 70! If Mashrafee (in 'Ashraful state', come & go format) was not there, 70 would be their score against West Indies. He stretched the score to 100 by scoring 2nd highest run of the team.

They can score 70 runs, then why we hope double (70*2=140+) from them? Yea, definitely it's our fault!

2) Sakib said that BD can't win because our players lack proper nutrition & ample physical power.

I believe that the players get more than sufficient food as daily diet. And if there's any lack, they can fill it up themselves as they earn more money than they need. But it can't be an issue.

To win a game in cricket, players need proper skill, tactics, motivations, take decisions on the fly & make creative solutions to dynamic troubles & patience.

If power is the only issue, then USA should win world cup football. They win athletics championship by using powerful athletes, but they can't play football better than Brazil because it needs creativity, not power.

I can't understand after playing international cricket for years, a player can't understand the difference between creativity & power. Smoking funny! Isn't it?
Dear ONLY ALL-rounder, why don't you join Mirakkel???

He mentioned 2 names- Gayle & De-villiars and cried that they get most bucks for their power. But if you take a look at this T20 world cup, then you'd find that both of them are flop in this tournament.
ONLY ALL-rounder forgot to mention some names like Virat Kohli, Glenn Maxwell, Ahmed Shehjad. None of them have much power, but they are the most consistent & successful players of the time.

If any member of BCB reads this blog, then pls request them to use any of these 2 options -
i] Call fat Wrestlers or Sumo players to play cricket & replace them with these existing thin players. They can take big sixes!
ii] Employ some gym trainers to transform our players into 6-pack or 8-pack, so that they can get enough power & win games.

3) Sakib said that he's not a match winner.
I too know this from the very beginning. I know that he can bowl & bat to some average levels, he's not a specialist and most importantly he's not a match winner. History says that he left the team to defeats many times, but he could finish if he could stand li'l longer. But he failed all the time.

4) He said that our pipeline is very weak & less than average. 
I do agree with this concept.
He also said that our batsmen need to acheive 40-50 average runs if we need to defeat big countries. I too agree with it.

BCB needs to arrange strong domestic cricket tournaments and pick up only those players who consistently played for at least 3 seasons with 50+ average runs.

5) ONLY ALL-rounder claimed that our 90% people escape when they need to prove their patriotism.
Just these arrogant & nonsense words stormed me to sit before pc & write.

A group member told me that the government forced 2 lakhs garments workers to attend in parade ground on 26th March to make guines record. I wanted to trust it though my inner self said its a 'NO'; but the news channels showed that the gates closed after 3 lakhs people entered and more than 4 lakhs people were waiting for hours outside the ground. They lipsed all the time. And more than crore people lipsed with the rest at the same time throughout the country.
Probably its not patriotism.

The whole nation sits before tv to see matches of our cricket team leaving all their jobs. They sing in chorus, cheer up every good move, step on the road, create mob, paint their organs, tremble galleries, weep when loose. They do these shiets only to inspire our players.
Its not patriotism!

Our poor people & those 25% who live below poverty level, work hard to raise our economy. And our cricket players get huge salary from those people’s hard labored contribution to economy. The mid class families pay taxes though they struggle hard to afford their daily expenses. They never ask why they're doing this?
This is not patriotism!

More than 30 lakhs people sacrificed their lives to make this country independent. Nobody can even imagine how much pain they had to face, how many women had to lead inhuman lives.
Again its not patriotism!

Then what is patriotism to his eyes, our ONLY ALL-rounder?
Putting one leg in this country and putting another leg in USA? You grab big money from this land and spend it in USA's nightclubs, casinos & beaches.  Probably this is called patriotism to you? Isn't it??
How can you understand if our people are patriot or not?

To make you only all-rounder we had to sacrifice a lot. First Ashraful was terminated, now Mashrafi is in pipeline. Don't know what's waiting for the next?

Sakib's previous special acts:
- He criticized his ancestors (our past cricketers for whom Bangladesh achieved test/one-day status) in disguised way after making record-breaking shameless 58 score against West Indies in 2011 world cup.
- Sakib pointed his nasty move towards the TV camera. This sheer shameless act roared throughout the world.

Role of Prothom alo:
Prothom alo is a leading daily newspaper of our country. Hence it has the responsibility to create readable content and censor those things that are unethical. To ensure readability, every newspaper conveys page editors whose sole responsibility is to edit all content of his corresponding page.
But after reading our ONLY ALL-rounder's interview, I'm shocked. I can't understand how this content was approved by the page editor in Prothom alo!
Day by day this newspaper is loosing it's morality.

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