Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Introduction to Social Media

What is Social Media:
Social media is a media site where users can update, share, bookmark their favorite news, articles, blogs, pictures, video etc. Social media is developed based on Web2.0 technology to facilitate users’ connectivity based on their different favorites.

Why Social media:
According to Compete’s recent statistics every day more than 60% internet users visit social media sites, connect with others, shares their likeliness. Now-a-days people don’t depend on search engines for their need, information, rather they look for the breakup and quality news & information in social media sites.
The question is why? The answer is simple. Any site can rank top at the major search engines using SEO tricks where quality content is overlooked. Thus people don’t find what they are looking for, killing lots of time. On the other hand, social media sites provide users greater integrity of quality items along with favorite collection. Moreover people can connect with their similar minded people, share information, get helps from each other.

The important features to note about Social media:
To use a social media site in proper way we must have to focus on the following topics:
- Where the relevant conversations are taking place
- Who’s participating
- What they’re saying and the tone of the discussions
- The specific information they’re looking for
- Impressions and conceptions
- The patterns of behavior within specific communities

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