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Tricks to trigger Stumbleupon:

Tricks to trigger Stumbleupon:
StumbleUpon is a new free service where internet surfers can discovers new website according to their interest. StumbleUpon lets you “channelsurf” the best-reviewed sites on the web. This helps you find interesting webpages you wouldn’t think to search for. For webmaster, Stumbleupon is another great way to get traffic to their site which might bring more subscribers and sells.

10 Ways to trigger traffic:
1) Tag your site to the related category so that the visitor can expect what they will find in your website. Build a good, unique, and informative content.
2) Use an eye-catching headline like “secret” or “shock”. The visitor will curious to know what is inside your website.
3) Put the StumbleUpon integration code to every page in your site but do not stumble all your pages by yourself.
4) Be a part of the stumble community so that you will know what they are mostly interested with.
5) Prepare your site with “viral marketing technique” so that the number of traffic will double from the Stumblers. (free e-book or flash game giveaway)
6) Ask your friend to “thumbs up” your site and you did the same to his/her website.
7) Suggest your reader to try StumbleUpon and install the toolbar to increase the number of your pages got “thumbs up”.
8) Add as many “StumbleUpon” friends as possible (the result is same as above).
9) If you got many websites, link them together. If one of your website got stumbled well, the other site might receive the effect too.
10) Optimize your website loading time. If can, avoid flash since not all browser can support the latest flash version.

How to increase the traffic from Stumbleupon:
Tactic #1 - Building your network, personal and site profile.
One way of doing this easily is to use StumbleXchange, a website that allows users to exchange stumbles for each other’s websites. You’ll need to sign up and stumble other member’s websites in return for other members thumbing and tagging your website.

This expands your reach and social profile on StumbleUpon and number of reviews for your website. I’ve noticed that this can help to increase the number of visitors to your website, but the effects may die down after some time and so the benefits of participating in StumbleXchange are not consistent.
Do note that StumbleXchange’s model potentially violates StumbleUpon’s TOS. It has also been said that StumbleUpon is aware of users exchanging stumbles and has oddly enough, approved of the StumbleXchange website.
Tactic #2 - Collecting Stumbles and getting listed on Stumble Buzz.
Another point to consider is that you want to get your site on the Stumble Buzz webpage, which is something like the Digg homepage. Websites which consistently receive positive stumbles will move onto this homepage.
Here’s a screen grab of Stumble Buzz:

To get on this homepage, you’ll roughly need around 300+ positive stumbles. Here are two ways which might help to increase the number of visitors you get.
• Form a Stumble team. Get fellow bloggers to seed your webpage by stumbling, tagging or reviewing it. This is more focused and faster than using StumbleXchange.
• Include a Stumble Upon button on your webpage or blog post and encourage your users to use it. Like the smart Digg buttons, visitors can choose to stumble the webpage if they like it. Might be redundant because most stumblers will surf with the toolbar on.
Tactic #3 - Stumbling websites that link to you
Let’s take a recent example. Say someone like John Chow linked to me yesterday in a post, what I’ll do is that, I’ll visit his website and stumble his post and get other users to do the same.
Thousands of StumbleUpon visitors will visit his blog and read the specific post. They’ll then visit my blog through the link in his post. The end result is that I’ll eventually get traffic by pushing stumbles towards his website. Sweet.

The Secret that nobody will tell you:
There’s a secret about Stumbleupon that nobody will tell you, But I’m telling you to leverage ur traffic exposure. Many people asked me why I’m giving it free, hence I believe that if I can find something great I must share with people who are interested in it but yet didn’t get it.
Most of the stumblers make this common mistake: first they stumble their own site, then stumble other sites. Never ever do it. First you need make friends, at least send 50 friend requests with a message to thumb up ur profile. Keep in mind that you will get 5-10% response, don’t expect much. You will only get traffic as well as attention when someone thumbs up ur profile otherwise you will not get a single hit even in a month. After sending friend requests stumble 40-50 sites of those people whom you sent friend requests. Its better if you review their profile, doing this these guys get knocked immediately and begin to take action. After 50 stumble & review, post ur own site. Its done, you will get 500+ hits in less than 6 hours.
** Don’t stumble ur own site more, doing so the admin will bann you instantly. Always invite ur friends to stumble ur own site.

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